segunda-feira, 23 de maio de 2011

GSoC 2011 is ON

Hi folks!

The bonding period has finished. During this time, I contacted my mentors, Jehan and Andreas, to discuss more about our great project. If you don't remember, in this GSoC, we will develop a new Plugin Architecture for phpPgAdmin.

Well, I started up my development environment, with all PostgreSQL versions. I will work with:
  • PostgreSQL 7.4 -> 9.1 beta
  • PHP 5.3
  • GNU/Linux Ubuntu 10.04
  • GIT 1.7
  • Apache 2
  • jEdit to code

I also created a script to install all the PostgreSQL, if for any reason, I have to create a new development environment. We have just 3 months to do this job, so, we cannot have problems ;)

My mentors teach me how to use the Selenium to make tests. I thought it amazing, perhaps, I had a different point of view about Selenium stuff. With a simple action, I can make regression tests, to check what I am doing will work with all PostgreSQL versions. It's very nice, don't you agree?

More things that they teach me were about how write good logs for my commits. I confess that using Subversion I didn't make comments in my commits, but it's very important. And, day by day, I am getting more knowledge using GIT, and GitHub. By the way, my phpPgAdmin fork can be found here.

I also learned a lot about IRC abbreviations, like IIRC, AFAIK, *g*, re, etc...

Well, see you on other post guys :-)

2 comentários:

Magnus Hagander disse...

Where did you find PostgreSQL 7.6? Even 7.5 was never released :P

Leonardo A. Sápiras disse...

Ops, I mean PostgreSQL 7.4. I updated the post.

Thanks for comment about it :D